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Sunday, November 13th, 2005
2:54 pm
i'm a loser baby..
well shit.. i dont really have a reason to update this..nothing really has gone on..woke up today with a cop knocking at our door..roommate went back to jail for quite a while this time.. really i only wrote in this because i know my bestest friend cinty sue will read this.. dude.i apologize 1000 times over for not visiting you when i was in lansing. i want to come up and hang out really i do i just need to know ahead of time..youknow how i am when someone calls..i cant say no. so i propose that we hang out this coming weekend.. any day you want i will come up and hang out or i will pick you up to hang out...its all on you. just let me know so i can tell everyone else that wants to hang out fuck off im hanging out with cinty sue. k?, get back at me on this. jeez..im such a lame-o.
one more thing.. FLAVA FLAV.

Current Mood: numb
Monday, August 8th, 2005
6:08 pm
everything i touch i break..
dude it has been so fuckin long since i have even thought about writing in this bloody thing. anywho..this weekend was pretty fun. friday i got out of work and we decided to have a night with just the cunts (aka me,cinta,purkey,holly,emo) well i get out and meet up with them and we get our supplies needed for the evening and we were off....drove around for a while,then went to cintas, after that some of the bitches started winding down. purkey went home on the account of not feeling well, emo took off to god knows where..so me holly and cinta went down to the river to see what the haps were down there...not much we found..cinta decided to go home so we drove back into town and dropped her off and then holly and i went back out there, i thought it was a good idea to start fighting with nick hoppes..never a good idea, hah..we stayed there for a while until i got a call from lance romance..we attempted to get out there rather quickly, but luker took us way the fuck out of the way to get there.we went and hung out there..it was alright, my drunkeness was wearing off by then though. overall i would say it was a good night..we all got wasted and that was the plan. saturday...uhh i dont recall saturday.. oooh yea, me and cinta and baker went over to stumps and played waterfalls with vodka.not recommended. then we stopped out at snalkers and then i went home to pass out. sunday ...blah blah blah im done with this shit.

Current Mood: relaxed
Sunday, February 13th, 2005
1:25 pm
i <3 being waaaasted...
i found this weekend to be very pleasant. friday i got out of work and talked to lance romance and found out the details for the party we had planned on having at his house. i went out to his house and picked him up and we came back into town and got all of the items needed for the night. and we began our journey out to lances. almost imediately after we entered the house we went straight for the smokin room and i cracked open the jager that myself and weedman purchased. after a while of drinking that i started to notice that i had consumed quite a bit, but that of course did not stop me. soon after the jager was gone and i was to say the least wasted. haha...i found out later that a lot of that party consisted of me making everyone laugh really hard at my drunk ass. lance and celi informed me that i was holding my phone in my hand and kept asking them where it was at and i told lance to call it and when it rang i answered it and told celi she was a bitch because she stole my phone. haha. a lot of the night was lance romance and i going on missions to either break up a fight or to get one going or to find one of our friends vomitting....and at one point during the mission we were looking for the puker and we went all the way outside to find him. anywho...i would have to say that friday was a fucking riot. hopefully i will get ahold of tom o.d. this weekend and get wasted with all those fuckers. right on.

Current Mood: lazy
Monday, February 7th, 2005
11:40 pm
lodi dodi we likes to party..
today was something else to say the least.. yesterday cinta and i declared that today would be the best day ever. it was far from that to begin with. i did get my car finally but i couldnt drive it because i didnt have a plate or insurance yet..when i finally get all of that bullshit taken care of leave it to lafe to fuck up when putting in my cd player and somehow fucking up my tail lights. jeez. we did wind up going to grand rapids though..the mall was rather warm though.. i didnt care for that at all. we were welcomed back into ionia with the stench of shit in the air.- true story. so welcome to ionia where it smells like shit is the name of mine and cintas rap single we plan on recording. everyone should rush to the nearest meijer when it drops. well anywho we got to ionia and met up with jeff bad dude and benito and drove around with them for a while. and after all that, i returned safely to my humble adobe.

Current Mood: awake
Friday, January 28th, 2005
9:27 am
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Current Mood: pessimistic
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
5:11 pm
nothing can be better than a swandive into the asphalt..

well well well...it has been far too long since i have shared what the fuck has been going on in the life of me...GIN-A. so ill do a quick recap. i am still currently carless. booooo to that. i popped a blood vessel in my eyeball from hurling.  make a note of this...you can pop blood vessels in your eye from intense coughing or in my case..intense vomitting. i worked today and then swampass cinta and andrew w.k. picked me up. we chilled at jaquintas for a while when we came to the conclusion that we wanted chinese food. we made our journey to the chinese restaurant. we ate..it was pretty decent. i went into to the restroom and when i got in there i looked at the toilets and was totally grossed out to look down and see piss all over. jeez, seriously..cant the chinese keep up with the duties of cleaning a toilet like the rest of us. man. hah. uhhh... bungle in the jungle. my hopes for this weekend..get drunk drunk and find a totally dope car that i will purchase and maybe headbutt someone too...yes..thats what i hope to do.          


gina has left the building.

Current Mood: relaxed
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
11:07 pm
party on
well well well, new years was definitely a shit ton of fun. went out to snalkers since thats where the party was. got out there and cinta and i began our drunk night. we took lots of photos..including one of b fighting with someone? only problem about last night is that i dont remember all of it. there were a lot of people there though. i had to call my parentals and wish them a happy new year.. me drunk+talking to mom on the phone=horrible idea. anywho i guess 5 seconds before 12 of course brad fucks with the chords to the tv and the tv goes out. haha. for a while last night i was wandering around looking for cinta,only to find out that she already left! what?..she said she told me, and she prolly did. so around 4 weedman and slim said they would give me a ride home...dont remember the car ride, woke up today and didnt even know who had given me a ride home. mom comes in my room today while im half asleep and asks me what i was doing at 420 in the morning stumbling into my house. haha...i guess i dropped my purse when i got in and shit fell out of it that i was unaware of and she brought it to me and asked if i remembered that...i said yes, but the truth was indeed no, i did not recolect that at all. so im lying in my bed when i jump up to go vomit in my trash can. jeez, how gross. but i found out stacey hurled as well. phew, not just me. well anywho..that was my wonderful new years evening.

Current Mood: sleepy
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
1:10 pm
if i could walk 500 miles
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Current Mood: devious
Sunday, December 12th, 2004
12:20 pm
to the bat cave!
hmm this weekend, well friday was fun..for a while. nice little gathering despite a few things that could have not happened i guess. went to shakedown street yesterday with jaquinta. we agreed we made a nice investment. when i got home i was way tired from the festivities the night before so i hung out and my parents had a bunch of people over so there was lots of food. today i have not yet decided what i will do..

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
7:05 am
im pissed...well uhh happy birfday cinta.

but seriously getting woke up at like 6:30 am to find out that dimebag darrell has been shot and killed on stage..what the fuck. im so bummed..

Current Mood: crushed
Monday, December 6th, 2004
11:13 pm
..well its time to move on, time to get going...
well well well..here i am again.. and i do not feel like doing this shiit. cinta loves huffy!!! hhahahahaah!! yessss. peace out sucka.

just kidding, cinta really loves jared..

jared from subway commercials.

Current Mood: thirsty
Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
11:05 pm
if i was a roach on a tree tell me, would you smoke me...
oh boy, what should i write? well i just realized about 20 minutes ago that today is already wednesday. wow, the time sure does fly eh? crazy i can't even remember what i did most of this weekend. all well. umm yesterday swampass came into my place of work and she saw good ol' tom. we think tom likes cinta, a whole lot... yea, definitely. umm i slept on the porch last night because i thought i heard a mouse in my room and fuck those things so i woke up early due to all the windows in the damn room and no way of escaping the light without my head covered. i got ready and went on with my day. at work i answered the phone and told barb it was for her and for some reason when i looked at her to tell her i could not control my laughter, i just kept laughing at her.. while looking right at her. it was fuckin funny. umm ive all of a sudden gotten really sick of writing in this thing.

catch ya on the flipside.

Current Mood: mellow
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
12:35 pm
you high fiving motherfucker...
well it has been ages it seems since i have updated...
lances birfday party was pretty gnarly..we were greeted at the door with shots of jager!! woo hooo. i just have to say thank you to cinta for her being the one to fall in the vent. otherwise i would have made a complete fool out of myself. haha. it was a drunken good time, and dp and i even made a truce...no more fighting and if he breaks the truce,i break his face. seems fair. umm hmm what else happened..went over to purkey's house on saturday, that was cool then we had to pick up drunky lafe and drunky clint. yesterday i went on several cruises. last night lance romance, bishop, and i met up wih fat holly...and holly had peanut face with her!!! peanut face is her little dog that lance renamed. right now i am sitting here eating some mozarella sticks...very good i might add. hmm tomorry is stacey's birfday and this saturday swastinka and i are going to pick up our dear friend jenna bean. i got ja-quinta's birfday present too..its totally rad, she should enjoy it i would presume. well ive been writing nonsense since i got on here so uhh eat shit and die!!!

and i would like to add.. I'M ON DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
11:55 am
i'm wearing yellow pants...
well now lets see...i was told to update this fuckin thing. soo i've come to the conclusion that i lead such an uneventful life so sorry. well yesterday i woke up at 8am and went and voted with papa. and by the way fuck that shit. then i arrived back home after picking up a gallon of milk for mother. i found myself still a bit tired from the early wakeup so i returned to by bed to get my full 12 hours of sleep i need. hah. then after waking up i was going to take a shower when i hit my head oh so very hard on the doorway and stood there laughing about it as my mother did as well. then i went to work. when i got out of work i relaxed at home for a while and then cinta called. she said sprinkles wanted to hang out. so i agreed to go to her house and chill. and that is what we did, chill. after i left there i went to the shack and as i arrived slim,squirrely,robert,and heath all were walking out with raccoon skins in their hands. they asked if i wanted a hat...i declined. and i had a very weird dream...it started out that jenna had a new puppy and i was just going to take it for a walk and all of a sudden he got away from me and jumped off the porch and got away..i ran as far as i could but i was drunk and could not catch up. haha.. okay so this has gone on long enough...
peace out bitches.

Current Mood: blank
Saturday, October 30th, 2004
11:45 pm
Devils Night
Happy Birthday To Daryl aka DP the shit stain asshole....
Tonight we will raise hell...
The Plurals and Drinking Mercury kicked ass
We dressed up... I was the priest and cinta the nun, we looked hot
Zesty Chicken, zesty chicken boner bowl!Taco Bell.. think outside the bun
Andys Party was fun, crazy Jeff and his craziness
Im pissed at Grand Rapids right now... Never drive there again.. always get lost, no hope for survival, Tylers show was okay tho, he had an awesome drum solo... we had a tough time getting in on account of me supposedly looking drunk and Cinta being only seventeen.. some old lady posed as her mother
Thats about all tho folks

Current Mood: jubilant
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